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I hereby waive and release Haven Of Hope Ministries Inc., and Calvary Baptist Church, Crawfordsville, Indiana, both not-for-profit organizations, its owners, employees and agents, including but not limited to Randall C. Glenn & Kristalina D. Glenn, from liability of any nature, including but not limited to injury, damage or other misfortune resulting from any recreational or educational activity, including, but not limited to horseback riding, grooming, walking or leading, which may take place at the farm, church, or at any other location. I am fully aware that there is an element of risk or injury, damage, or other misfortune associated with these recreational and educational activities. I accept the risk of such activities, and am aware that such activities are for recreation, sport or education, and undertake them voluntarily.

We ask that all friends, family, and guests stay out of all barns, paddocks, tack room and corrals while waiting for a horseback ride, or other related activity. ln consideration of the permission to participate extended to me and for the services rendered by Haven of Hope Ministries, Inc. and Calvary Baptist Church, Crawfordsville, I do hereby for myself, heirs, personal representatives and agents, forever release and discharge my claims, demands, actions, or lawsuits that may occur as a result of negligent, but not reckless, or intentional conduct during my participation.

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